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The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has the right to grant waivers of the following standards:


  1. SITE PREPARATION First and foremost it is to be understood that all sites to be cleared have been approved by the ARC.  We are working with the concept of clearing as little as possible for site preparation in order to preserve the natural appeal that River Gardens Third Addition has to offer.  All trees, understory shrubs, buffer areas and natural islands that will be part of the landscape are to be very clearly flagged and cordoned off.  Site clearing will be done on a case by case basis.  Again, no clearing on any site will begin until landscape plans and home plans have received final approval by the ARC.

  3. MINIMUM LIVING AREA  -  2400 square feet
  4. ROOF MATERIAL material will be cement tile, clay, standing metal seam, slate or asphalt shingles of dimensional shape material weighing 235# per square or better.  No roofs will have bright colors or multiple colors that are not harmonious with the natural theme of the subdivision. Minimum roof pitch is to be 7/12 on larger roof areas.
  5. MINIMUM FLOOR ELEVATION three (3) 8 blocks above normal street front grade in order to give an attractive base and a stately presence.
  6. SET BACKS Homes will be located a minimum of 50 feet from curb with 12.5 feet side set backs.  Although many lots are large and will be able to accommodate these set backs and greater, it is recognized some lots will be given variances.  Emphasis will be given to this subdivision to maintain a spacious feeling by not allowing homes too close to the street or to the next site.  All homes must have side or rear entry garage.
  7. All prospective building plans submitted to the ARC will include the following:
        (A) Site plan (including landscape plan)  1 = 10
        (B) Floor plan     =  1
        (C) Elevation plan    = 1

  8. MAILBOXES will conform to ARC design or be approved by ARC.
  9. SIGNS - In order to maintain the natural harmony in the subdivision only signs of specific dimensions and color will be displayed.
  10. FENCES In order to maintain a feeling of openness, typically fences  seen from the street will not be allowed.


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